The Sea- and Skiplane Association of Finland (SSAF)

Finland – a country of thousands of lakes and virtually free lower airspace – is an ideal site for flying off-airport. Our association is aimed at promoting flying on those lakes, frozen or not. Also the coastline is long and offers countless possibilities of using seaplanes for pleasure and serious business. The northern part of the country, Lapland, is a popular destination as well.

Observe that the availability of 100LL in Finland is limited. 

Most SSAF members own their airplanes either privately or as group members. There are limited possibilities to rent seaplane in Finland and currently there is only one company offering planes, please see their webpage or contact for details.

There are good possibilities of getting seaplane rating in Finland. A several of our members have instructor ratings with their own training organizations.

Activities 2016

Main SSAF activities are the traditional Hauho meetings twice a year.
The next Ski-Fly-In will take place  4th- 6th March 2016
In summer 2016 we arrange The Splash-In during the weekend  19th - 21st August

Splash in at Hauho, Iloranta

You are very warmly welcome to join us at Hauho Iloranta, spend nice day with planes and pilots and enjoying good food and sauna. WGS84 coordinates for GPS are 611200N 0243716E and the elevation of lake approximately 275 feet MSL, radio "Iloranta traffic" 123.500 MHz, AIP at

If you are arriving by plane or need more information, or if you would like to stay overnight, contact Petri Munukka 
Contact by email:

If you wish to come to Finland and fly your own seaplane you very welcome! Please approach SSAF beforehand and we can give you useful hints and contacts.